Cooking On An Electric Stove

Grandma Linda Cooking on Electric Stove

Electric stoves are widely installed in homes and apartments and have some variations.  There are ones with exposed coils and ones with solid surface countertops.  They essentially cook the same.  The key to cooking with an electric stove is to determine how to use the correct setting and how to use the heating up and cooling down times to your advantage.  First, do the test for determining how fast your stove will boil water in the How To Boil Water section.  This information is your baseline on how to cook with your stove.   Since it will take longer to get to full temperature on an electric stove versus a gas one, always turn on the stove as soon as possible.  If you are cooking something in a big pot on the stove, start it heating as soon as you start preparing that meal.  You can always turn it off and let it sit for a few minutes and then bring it back to boil in 2 or 3 minutes versus 15 to 20 that it may take from out of the tap.


When cooking things that you will reduce to a simmer, remember that you will still have quite a bit of residual heat left after you turn off the stove and you can use this heat to finish cooking and also to keep warm.  So if you are cooking frozen vegetables in water, you can turn the stove off when the vegetables are just about done, cover them and leave them on the warm burner and they will finish and stay warm for up to 15 minutes or so.  This is one of the things I like best about cooking with an electric stove.