Linda’s Seafood Cocktail Recipe


 Shrimp Cocktail


This seafood cocktail is similar to one that we have enjoyed at Maddox Steakhouse in Brigham City, Utah.  It is easy to make and is low calorie. I usually buy the Kirkland precooked, peeled shrimp in the freezer section at Costco.  They need to be put in the refrigerator to defrost the day before serving.  You can purchase the cocktail sauce or use the recipe for cocktail sauces in the appetizer section.  I usually remove the shells from the tails before serving so that the tail meat is not wasted.  I once removed the meat from the tails (after serving cold shrimp for an appetizer) for my dog and was amazed at how much meat was wasted.   Ever since then, I remove the shells while I am rinsing the shrimp and serve the shrimp with no shells at all.


1-pound package imitation crab (you may have some leftover)
pound cooked, peeled shrimp
stalks celery, sliced
lemon, cut into wedges
head iceberg lettuce, shredded (you will have some leftover)
cup cocktail sauce



Put a bed of shredded lettuce in 4 serving dishes.  Cover the lettuce with celery and then the shredded imitation crab.  Top the crab with 1/4 of the shrimp.  Place 2 lemon wedges around each dish.  Serve with a small individual container of 2 tablespoons cocktail sauce.  Serves 4.