Crudités Recipe


Crudites at Thanksgiving


Crudites is another name for vegetable and dip. Be sure to wash your vegetables thoroughly and to use only the freshest for the nicest presentation. You can use as many as you like, but I like to use at least 5 or more. Cut each vegetable into bite sized pieces. You can use fancy cutters if you have them, otherwise, a good paring knife will work fine. You can line a platter with leaf lettuce first for a fancier presentation. Blue cheese dressing or your favorite can be substituted for the Ranch dressing.




Green Pepper
Pea pods, lightly steamed if desired
Yellow Squash
Cherry tomatoes
Canned baby corn
Ranch dressing


Prepare vegetables in bite size pieces.  Use as many kinds as desired.  Serve with Ranch dressing as a dip.  If desired, serve in a lettuce lined basket.  Dip can be placed in a hollowed out red or green bell pepper.