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Margaritas for a Crowd


This recipe needs to be prepared ahead.  It is handy to have on hand in the freezer.  Use good quality ingredients for the best flavor.  I always make fresh lime juice as it does not have the chemical taste of the bottled juice.


quart gold tequila (We prefer Jose Cuervo gold)
cups triple sec liqueur (We prefer Bols)
quart sweet and sour mix
quarts margarita mix (We prefer Jose Cuervo)
cup lime juice
Margarita salt
Fresh limes



Mix together all liquid in a large plastic container and freeze.  This will freeze to a slushy state.  Prepare glasses by rubbing a fresh lime wedge on the rim and dipping in salt.  Put slush in blender.  Add equal amount ice and small amount water.  Blend until smooth.  Makes approximately 30 servings.