Hash with Eggs Recipe


1/2 to 1
pound cooked beef, corned beef, or chorizo  
large baking potatoes, peeled
large onion
4 to 6



Finely dice cooked meat.  If using chorizo, remove skin and place in a large nonstick skillet.  Cook and mash chorizo until lightly browned and fat has melted.  If using cooked meat, heat in nonstick skillet until meat just starts to brown.  Cut potatoes into small dice, approximately 1/4-inch or less.  Finely dice onions.  Mix potatoes and onions in a bowl and add to the cooked meat in the skillet.  Salt and pepper the mixture and stir until mixture is evenly mixed.  Reduce heat to medium and cover the skillet.  Cook 5 minutes, and then check the bottom of the mixture.  If it is not browned, increase the heat.  If it is too brown, stir and reduce the heat.  Recover the mixture and continue cooking for about another 10 minutes, until mixture is browned on the bottom and the potatoes are cooked. 


Remove lid.  With the back of a large spoon, press 4 to 6 indentations in the mixture.  Break an egg into each indentation.  Recover the skillet and cook until eggs are set, about 5 minutes.  To serve, spoon out a serving of the hash with an egg on top. 


Serves 3 to 4.