Scrambled Eggs and Ham/Canadian Bacon


This recipe is very easy and fast to prepare.  It makes a good breakfast, or a quick supper.


Per serving


slices Canadian bacon or 1/4 cup diced ham
tablespoon butter
Salsa (I usually use Pace Picante salsa)



Break eggs into a container (I usually use a water glass).  Beat with a fork until well combined.  Heat a small nonstick skillet over medium heat.  Add butter and let it melt.  Watch carefully so butter does not brown.  As soon as the butter is melted, add the ham or Canadian bacon and distribute evenly over the skillet.  Add the eggs and stir well.  Cook, stirring about every 30 seconds, until eggs are set but not dry.  Remove from heat and serve.  Serve with the salsa on the side.  The size of the skillet can be adjusted to the number of servings, but it is best to have a smaller rather than too large skillet, as you want the eggs to stay moist.  A nonstick skillet is an essential for this recipe.