Beef Entrees

Poor Man's Pepper Steak


Poor Man's Pepper Steak


Recipes Using Beef Steak (Sirloin, Flank, New York, Etc.)



     Shabu Shabu Recipe

     Shish Kabobs

     Spicy Marinade for Steak

     Steak Marinade a la Ray

     Tabasco Steak

     Steak Marinade with Montreal Steak Seasoning

     Pacific-Rim Glazed Flank Steak

     Beef With Tomatoes Over Cheese Polenta

     Steak Diane

     Dal Rae's New York Pepper Steak

     Marinated Grilled Steak

     Garlic Flank Steak

     Naomi's Stir Fry


     Mike's Grilled Steaks

     Braised Sirloin Tips


Recipes Using Cube Steaks and Round Steaks


     Linda's Chicken Fried Steak

     Sauteed Beek Cubed Steaks

     Beef Taco Mac

     Steak Lo Mein

     Hungarian Goulash

     Swiss Steak

     Beef and Noodles

     Pasties with Round Steak


Recipes Using Beef Roasts (Rump, Chuck, Round, Brisket, Tri-Tip)


     Slow Cooker French Dip

     Lemon Herb Roast

     Santa Maria Tri-Tip

     Triangle Tip Roast

     Tri-Tip Times Three

     Quick Rump Roast

     Eye of the Round Roast

     Herb-Crusted Sirloin Tip roast with Creamy Horseradish-Chive Sauce

     My Lady's Pot Roast

     Ore Wagon Pot Roast

     Perfect Pot Roast

     Boeuf en Daube

     Barbecue Beef

     Crockpot French Dip

     Texas Brisket


Recipes Using Stewing Beef


     Linda's Beef stew with Dumplings

     Simple beef Stew in a Crockpot

     Stew with Shamrock Biscuits

     Lazy Day Stew

     Naomi's Beef Stew

     Cowboy Stew

     Simmered Beef Goulash with Mushrooms


Recipes Using Ground Beef


     Salisbury Steak with Mushroom - Onion Gravy

     Creole Stuffed Peppers

     Texas Hash

     Chris' Austrian Meatloaf

     Molly's Meat Loaf Sandwiches

     Molly's Summer Meat Loaf

     Linda's Favorite Meat Loaf

     Brown Sugar Meat Loaf

     Bacon-Wrapped Meat Loaf with Brown Sugar - Ketchup Glaze

     Pasties with Ground Beef

     Rick's Real Maid-rite Hamburgers

     Chili Pizza

     Smothered Ground Beef with Sauteed Vegetables

     Back Stage Special

     Hamburgers with Mustard and Mixed Herbs

     Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy

     Poor Man's Pepper Steak

     Linda's Tex-Mex Enchiladas

     Tamale Casserole

     Taco Casserole


     Beef Goulash

     Beef Filled Cannelloni

     Linda's Spaghetti Sauce


     Linda's Other Spaghetti Sauce

     Tostada Casserole


Recipes Using Leftover Beef


     School Roast Beef Hash

     Linda's Hash

     French Dip Sandwiches


Recipes Using Corned Beef


     New England Corned beef, Cabbage and Vegetables

     Steamed Corned Beef and Cabbage

     Linda's Corned Beef Dinner


Recipes Using Veal


     Veal Scallop Fines Herbes