Pikiu Pakiu


pounds fresh, very ripe tomatoes or 1 8-ounce can shole or diced tomatoes
medium cloves garlic, sliced thin
tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
teaspoon salt or less with canned tomatoes
teaspoon pepper
1 to 3
teaspoons sugar
fresh basil leaves
tablespoon fresh parsley, minced
pound pasta


Blanch and peel fresh tomatoes.  To remove the tomato seeds, press them out with your thumbnail.  Put the seeds in a sieve and catch the juice as you go.  Use the juice along with the tomatoes.  Chop the tomatoes into small pieces.


Sauté the garlic in olive oil over medium heat until soft but not brown.  Add tomatoes, salt, pepper, sugar to taste, and basil.  Bring the sauce to a boil, and then reduce heat.  Cover the sauce, but stir it frequently, mashing the tomatoes with a wooden spoon.  Let it thicken 15 minutes.


Stir parsley into the sauce, remove from heat and cover the pan.  Prepare the pasta.  Top it with sauce and grated cheese. 


Serves 4 to 6.