Grains & Side Dishes Recipes

Nina's Waffles

Nina's Waffles


Corn Based Recipes


     Baked Cheese Grits


     Grilled Polenta

     Golden Cornbread

     Creamy Polenta

     Sour Cream Tortilla Casserole

     Corn Belt Special


Rice Based Recipes


     Rice Pilaf With Peas and Pine Nuts

     Jewel Rice and Peas

     Greek Rice

     Wonderful White Rice

     Linda's Mexican Rice


Barley Based Recipes


     Barley Pilaf

     Curried Barley


Other Grain Recipes



     Wild Rice Excellente

     Sausage Stuffing


     Oatmeal Wheat and Millet Cereal

     Linda's Favorite Granola

      Nina's Waffles