Philadelphia Cheese Steak



Olive oil
large onion, cut in rings
pound eye of round, sliced water thin
thick slices Provolone cheese
Italian hoagie rolls
cup homemade tomato sauce or ketchup



Brush a griddle or large frying pan with a little oil and brown the onions.  Push them to the side of the griddle where they’ll stay warm but won’t burn.  Add the meat to the hot griddle and using a spatula, fry lightly and divide into 4 equal portions.  When meat is cooked through, place 2 slices of Provolone cheese on each portion and let it melt.  Meanwhile, cut hoagie rolls and brush insides with oil.  Place cut sides down on griddle or another hot frying pan and allow to brown slightly.  Lift the meat and cheese onto the roll, slather on the onions and pass the sauce.  If desired, you can also add green pepper to the basic cheese steak. 


Serves 4.