River City Clam Chowder



slices pepper bacon, diced
cup butter
cup onion, chopped
cup celery, chopped
cup all-purpose flour
cups milk
cup half and half
Salt and white pepper



In a large stockpot over medium-high heat, cook bacon until browned.  Drain grease, but leave bacon in pot.  In a separate saucepan, cook potatoes in salted water until just tender.  Drain and reserve.  Add butter, onions and celery to stockpot with bacon and cook over medium heat until softened and onions are translucent.  Add flour and cook 3 minutes, stirring constantly.


Drain clams and reserve liquid in a 2 cup measuring cup.  Add enough water if necessary to equal 2 cups.  Add this liquid slowly to mixture in stockpot, stirring constantly.  Add potatoes and bring mixture to boil.  Reduce heat and simmer about 10 minutes.  Add clams, milk and half and half.  Heat until thickened and hot but do not allow to boil.  Add salt and pepper and serve. 


Serves 6 to 8.