I have been an avid cookbook collector since I was 16 years old.  I have more than 2000 cookbooks and need a room in my house just for them!  Of all these cookbooks, naturally I have favorites.  Here are some of my recommended cookbooks:


The Joy of Cooking 

Joy of Cooking Cookbook Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition - 2006 This is a great basic cookbook that has an amazing amount of recipes.  These recipes are mostly geared towards a cook with some experience   and some are quite complicated.  However, all are tested and are reliable recipes.




Betty Crocker’s Cookbook, 10th Edition

Betty Crocker CookbookBetty Crocker Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today, 10th Edition Betty Crocker cookbooks have been a standard in American kitchens for   decades.  I have several different editions of their basic cookbook, and I like some more than others.  It is still a good basic cookbook, with much basic information.  The 10th edition is one I would recommend for a beginning or moderately experienced cook.


Julia Child’s The Way To Cook

Julia Child's CookbookThe Way To Cook Julia Child is an icon of cooking in the United States and this book is excellent.  There are many helpful photographs and all of the recipes are   tested and reliable.  If you want to cook something a notch above average, this cookbook should be very helpful.  I highly recommend this book.



Martha Stewart’s Cooking School

Martha Stewart's CookbookMartha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook Martha Stewart is not my personal favorite, but this is an excellent   cookbook for beginners, with much basic information and useful photographs.  This book is more useful for techniques than for recipes, but   if you want to learn more about cooking, then this book should be very      useful.



Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book

Better Homes CookbookBetter Homes and Gardens New Cook Book: Celebrating the Promise, 14th Limited Edition This book is a reliable and useful basic cookbook.  There have been multiple editions of this book and it is another good, basic book with much excellent information and informative photos




The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

America's Test Kitchen CookbookThe America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, Heavy-Duty Revised Edition

This book has a multitude of recipes and much useful information.  It is becoming a new standard reference for me and has recipes from basic to gourmet.





The above cookbooks are all recommended basic cookbooks.  For good recipes, I like community cookbooks, particularly the Junior League cookbooks that are published by various city Junior League chapters across the United States.  These cookbooks are well tested and many have beautiful photographs.  They usually reflect the cuisine of the area and are usually interesting to read.  The proceeds from these books go to useful projects, so buying these cookbooks is a win-win.


I also own many specialty cookbooks and refer to them for special recipes.  There are many good baking cookbooks on the market, as well as grilling, ethnic cuisine, vegetarian, etc. cookbooks.  The reviews on Amazon for cookbooks are very useful.  Amazon also has an amazing variety of cookbooks!



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