Banana Coconut French Toast Recipe

French Toast is one of our preferred outdoors morning meals. It requires just a bunch of fixings, it is sufficiently basic to make on a half mug of espresso, and has an extravagant informal breakfast unique event feel to it.

Our just hangup is all the refrigerated fixings: eggs, milk, and margarine. In case you’re going with a little cooler, or no cooler, every one of those perishables can be a major issue. So we began investigating draws near. Turns out there is another way.

By utilizing a banana instead of eggs and full-fat coconut milk instead of the milk, you can accomplish a similar French Toast impact however with a one of a kind flavor. We’ve had numerous individuals disclose to us this is currently their favored French toast. It’s so easy to make and all the fixings can be put away at room temperature.

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