Beer Bread with Bacon Jalapenos and Cheddar

This simple Beer Bread formula has bits of firm smoked bacon, tasty somewhat zesty jalapenos, and a liberal part of sharp cheddar all enveloped with a soggy portion that is extremely difficult to quit eating! This no yeast portion meets up rapidly utilizing most any non light brew. It freezes well so make an additional portion to appreciate in a long time.

Well after the walk yesterday I concluded that we had so much exercise that I would prepare a tasty flavorful portion of brew bread. Have you at any point attempted lager bread? It is so divine. It is just stunning thus darn simple. There isn’t any yeast included and the bread is generally so wet. Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar brew bread is a flavor pressed portion that is ideal for bean stew, sandwiches, soup or just without anyone else.


I have utilized a wide range of non light lagers with extraordinary achievement. Avoid the enhanced smaller scale blends except if they supplement the kind of the bread. A pumpkin brew or peach IPA isn’t going to work out positively for different flavors in this bread. Anyway a maple bacon watchman may be amazing.

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