Almond Torte Recipe

Almond Torte Recipe 3

this almond torte, made entirely in the food processor, is one of the simplest and most delicious desserts you could ever prepare.

French Macaron Recipe

French Macaron Recipe 3

French macarons are also normally made with a dreamy filling sandwiched in between. A macaron filling recipe can be made up of flavors like caramel, chocolate, and raspberry

No Bake Healthy Fruit Tarts Recipe

No Bake Healthy Fruit Tarts Recipe 3

10 minutes are needed to make these Healthy Fruit Tarts! A simple crust made of cashews and raisins is topped with vanilla greek yogurt and loads of fresh raspberries.

Lemon Tiramisu Cake Recipe

Lemon Tiramisu Cake Recipe 3

This Lemon Tiramisu Recipe is an impressive dessert that tastes amazing. Perfect for Easter, a springtime treat, special brunch or shower or anytime!