No Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies with Chocolate Chips

I’ve had a go at adding pretzels to Classic No Bake Cookies and after the treats stayed there for some time they got saturated. I was kicking the bucket to make sense of how to include them so I could get that salty and crunchy component in my treats. In the wake of testing around 15 plans I hit the nail on the head!

There are just three issues with these treats! What’s more, when I state issues I’m generally discussing all the reasons I eat such a large number of them!

They’re made with straightforward fixings I ALWAYS have which implies they happen way over and over again!

They just take around 10 minutes to make so I can get my PB and choco fix in before I have the opportunity to work myself out of it!

I’ve always been unable to oppose salty-sweet… include chocolate and I’m truly in a difficult situation with these around!

Goodness, and they’re modest, which is no issue yet it’s significant as well!

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