Cabbage Lasagna Low Carb and Gluten Free

I thought the five pound bundle of burger meat would be a lot for the cabbage lasagna formula. In this way, I settled on the littler two pound meatloaf ground meat blend they had.

I additionally found a marvelous container of low carb marinara sauce. The brand is Rao’s and there’s just 4 grams of all out carbs recorded for every 1/2 cup serving.

All the cheddar came super-sized which persuaded me to up the cheesiness in the lasagna. What’s more, in the wake of tasting the completed item, I don’t think twice about it!

Cabbage Lasagna

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This easy cabbage lasagna recipe will win the whole family over. My kids loved it and they really didn’t even miss the lasagna noodles.


  • 1 head cabbage

  • 3 lbs ricotta cheese

  • 1 1/2 cups parmesan cheese grated

  • 1/4 cup dried parsley optional

  • 3 large eggs

  • 2 pounds ground meat browned

  • 40 ounces marinara sauce with no sugar added

  • 32 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese sliced or shredded

  • 1/4 cup parmesan grated (optional)


  • Carefully remove leaves from cabbage head.
  • Parboil leaves in salted boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Drain and remove excess water with towel.
  • Mix ricotta and parmesan cheese with eggs and parsley (if using). Set aside.
  • Stir marinara sauce into browned meat.
  • Spread about 3/4 cup sauce onto bottom of 11×15-inch baking pan.
  • Place a layer of cooked cabbage leaves over sauce.
  • Spread half ricotta cheese mixture over cabbage leaves.
  • Top cheese mixture with half the remaining sauce.
  • Cover sauce with half the mozzarella cheese.
  • Repeat layers.
  • Top off with additional parmesan cheese if desired.
  • Bake 350F for about 25 minute


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