Chicken Shawarma with Easy Flatbread


Shawarma is meat (regularly hamburger, sheep or chicken) stacked on a vertical spit and flame broiled low and moderate, frequently throughout the day. The meat is cut off the side of the spit and served in pita bread or flatbread with your selection of vegetables, sauces, pickles, and so on.

As I didn’t have the alternative to cook the chicken for long on a vertical spit, I needed to duplicate the succulence and flavor in a straightforward manner. Something we could all do at home. Thus I chose to marinated the chicken in spiced yogurt. I utilized boneless, skin-on chicken thighs and heated them in an extremely hot stove with the top barbecue/oven on to truly caramelize the skin.

The final product was chicken SO succulent and scrumptious, we as a whole ate a considerable amount before the cuts even made it into our shawarmas.

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