Gluten Free Flourless Lemon Cake

This Flourless Lemon Cake is completely detonating with splendid, lively lemon enhance. The way that it is additionally without gluten is an absolute mishap because of the way that the fundamental fixing (beside lemon), almond dinner, is normally gluten free.

This formula came about when a partner at work skilled me a pack of lemons, new off the tree and it’s been one of my preferred cakes from that point forward. It has an instense lemon enhance with a delicate, sodden scrap and in spite of that clamminess, is fantastically delicate and light.

This basic gluten free lemon cake is topped with a much increasingly basic lemon icing made with only 2 fixings – icing (powdered) sugar and lemon juice). The cake needs nothing more as the icing falls down the sides making such a pretty completion.

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