Healthy Salmon Taco Bowls Recipe

Prepared for another DAMN GOOD formula to begin your week off right? I realize I am! What’s more, this time, I have an exquisite, solid supper formula that is ideal for two individuals (hi night out on the town in!) and just takes directly around a short ways from beginning to end.

I needed to accomplish something somewhat unique to go through the last Alaskan got wild salmon filets in our cooler, so I thought, why not make a chipotle style burrito bowl — yet with salmon rather than chicken or steak. A couple energized fixings later, as sofrito rice, and it a delectable heart-sound salmon taco bowl was conceived.

Like my damn great tahini treats and damn great nutty spread cake, you know whether I’m calling it DAMN GOOD, at that point you know it’s gotta be awesome flavorful.

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