No-Bake Cannoli Pie Crunchy Crust Recipe

As I stated, this isn’t generally a credible formula. It’s a wind on the Italian cannoli, a well known treat that comprises of a cylinder shape rotisserie batter loaded up with an improved ricotta cheddar filling that may contain such things as chocolate, cinnamon, sweetened citrus, vanilla, and so forth.

There are various variants of cannoli pie. Some have a mixture or treat like outside. Some utilization cannoli shells. Since cannoli shells can be difficult to track down and costly I settled on waffle gelatos to give a pleasant crunch.

The filling of cannoli pies can likewise differ with some being heated and some not. This cannoli cream filling for the pie is a no-heat filling. I do anyway propose refrigerating the pie for some time so the topping can firm off a piece before serving.

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