Pan Fried Tilapia Recipe

Tilapia can get a terrible wrap. It’s not delicate and greasy like salmon, nor is it firm and tasty like fish. It’s kind of an in the middle of fish, and can frequently be discounted as exhausting. No more! We’re here to vouch for tilapia; it has such a great amount to offer! It’s lean and modest, settling on it an extraordinary decision for your next weeknight supper. Keep a couple of straightforward guidelines and take this reasonable filet from zero to saint.

Season Aggressively

Alright, we’ll concede, the gossipy tidbits are valid. Tilapia is very insipid all alone. That is the reason we season the filets with a healthy touch of salt and some newly ground dark pepper directly off the bat. This ought to ALWAYS be stage 1.

Dig It Good

Tilapia is never sold with the skin, which means there’s no chance to get a pleasant crunchy singe. So as to take some surface back to the fish, we give it a light dig in flour. This brilliant, crunchy covering is truly what takes this formula over the edge. We took our seasonings in a Latin-American bearing, yet don’t hesitate to extemporize. Smoked paprika, dried oregano, or even zest mixes like Old Bay all would go wonderfully (har) with this fish.

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