Rainbow Kale Power Salad with Peanut Dijon Dressing

This vivid and supplement thick Kale Power Salad is the ideal make ahead supper! Loaded up with crunchy vegetables and a nut dijon dressing!

I made this Power Kale Salad out a ‘wipe out the cooler’ exertion. Don’t you love it when coincidental victories occur? I had overflowing measures of kale, red peppers, purple cabbage and carrots lying around. Instead of discovering singular plans to utilize them for, I tossed them all together and sought after the best! Also, I was unable to be more joyful with my creation.

I invited this energetic, new kale power plate of mixed greens that causes me to feel similarly as great within as this serving of mixed greens shows up outwardly. The hues. The flavors. Everything! Did I notice the hues?

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