The Best Lemon Bars Recipe

This ideal Lemon Bars Recipe has two significant things; the ideal measure of lemon and a rich outside layer. I include more lemon juice than most, yet it’s what sets my lemon bar formula separated! On the off chance that you love these you will likewise adore my Orange Bars!

Experiencing childhood in Minnesota I knew these as “lemon squares”. It’s exactly what my grandmother called them! They were served all things considered potlucks, Thanksgiving, Christmas, church pledge drives, and certainly heat deals.

So what is a lemon square/lemon bar? They are tart, sweet, and rich flawlessness, all folded into one! I wind up making these wanton bars throughout the entire year, yet particularly in the winter. There is something so invigorating about lemon treats when there is snow on the ground. (which is a large portion of the year when you live in Minnesota!)

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