Vegan Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipe

It shouldn’t astonish all of you that a lemon treat formula has FINALLY made it to SGTO. For one, sugar treats are likely my preferred pastry (thus my fixation on my Vegan Funfetti Sugar Cookies and my Vegan Cinnamon Roll Cookies). Tied for close second, however, is any treat that is lemon seasoned.

There are unquestionably a decent amount of lemon treat plans out there, yet I need to state, I was frustrated that such a large number of them ONLY use lemon pizzazz for flavor.

To be completely forthright, the majority of the plans I attempted before these treats were simply not lemony enough for me! That is the reason I realized the time had come to bring a veggie lover, sans dairy, and incredibly chewy lemon treat formula to the blog. These lemon sugar treats are made with lemon pizzazz AND lemon juice for the ideal measure of lemon flavor.

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