10-Minute Healthy Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Simple to make, soggy, delightful, and sound turkey meatballs made with scarcely any fixings and no breadcrumbs. Low carb, sans gluten, and prepared quickly!

Weeknights just got all the more energizing here! Folks, these are my go-to sound turkey meatballs! I’ve been making these infants for a considerable length of time. Some time ago, I would consistently prepare them until I discovered you can actually sear them for 10 minutes to delicious flawlessness!

Obviously, I was suspicious from the outset until I attempted it for myself. I was intrigued! These meatballs are succulent, scrumptious, simple to make, without gluten and low carb. Additionally, this treat scoop? The BEST for making these meatballs! It makes the ideal 1-inch in width meatball which is the reason they are prepared in only 10 minutes.

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