Vegetarian Chipotle Black Beans Recipe

We’re building Chipotle Burrito Bowls, each formula in turn. We’ve just secured Cilantro Lime Rice. Today we’re making Chipotle Black Beans, which additionally happen to be veggie lover and soooo great!

On the off chance that you simply need to figure out how to make dark beans, this formula will turn into a staple on your rundown of most loved plans. These are so natural to make. These Chipotle Black Beans would make a superb brief supper served over rice, alongside a plate of mixed greens. You could likewise utilize them to make quesadillas, beans and rice, or plunge with chips.

The formula makes around 7 servings and fixings will cost around $2. You should get several jars of the dark beans and the garlic yet you should discover all the flavors in your wash room.

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