Baked Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

Need to tweak this simple Eggplant Parmesan formula a piece? Don’t hesitate to…

  • Make it zesty: I love sprinkling some squashed red pepper chips into this dish to give it a touch of additional warmth.
  • Make it sans gluten: Use sans gluten Panko. (What’s more, as usual, twofold watch that every single other fixing are ensured without gluten as well.)
  • Make it quicker: If you are in a rush, you can avoid the progression of perspiring the eggplant and toasting the breadcrumbs. The eggplant may simply be a touch all the more severe and the breadcrumbs less toasty.

Utilize long eggplant cuts: Instead of cutting the eggplant into adjusts, you are additionally free to cut it the long way into long cuts. At that point bread, prepare and add to the dish as coordinated.

Utilize conventional breadcrumbs: If you don’t occur to have Panko breadcrumbs close by, customary plain breadcrumbs will likewise work.

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