Baked Hot Spicy Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken Fingers

In the event that you think back through past HBH plans, you’ll see a bunch of chicken tender and popcorn chicken plans. There’s likewise my dearest (and famous) southern hot nectar chicken also. Truly, breaded chicken plans are large top picks in my family. By and by, I love to heat the chicken strips… and afterward include a lot of sauces for plunging. They’re so acceptable, fun, and a pleasant switch up from the normal weeknight supper. You know?

Yet, these chicken strips are additional exceptional, they’re a concoction of a couple of oldie plans I’ve partaken from quite a while ago. For those of you who’ve been tracking with right back since the beginning of HBH (in 2012). You may recollect that I once shared a pretzel crusted chicken plate of mixed greens with nectar mustard. Out of the blue, as I was gazing at the rear of a pretzel pack I had in the wash room, I recollected that chicken. And afterward, I realized I was making pretzel covered chicken tenders. I mean why not? I had solidified chicken fingers in the cooler. What else would I make with those two fixings? It was an easy decision.

From that point, I included the seasonings, in addition to the zesty nectar sauce. In under a couple of hours, I had these pretzel chicken tenders idealized. From that point, I sent photographs to my more established sibling Creighton, who adores chicken strips more than anybody I know. Wishing he could have been here to appreciate them. Especially missing the remainder of the family nowadays.

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