Classic Louisiana Style Red Beans and Rice Recipe


“Sound” is an abstract term, yet I will say that this exemplary dish is pressed with fiber, protein, and vegetables, which to me makes a quality dinner. It is somewhat high on sodium, yet the measure of salt you include toward the finish of the formula is absolutely inside your control. In the event that you need to lessen the soaked fat, just channel the fat from the andouille frankfurter before adding the vegetables to the pot. What’s more, in conclusion, you can generally trade out the white rice for earthy colored rice for much more fiber and supplements!

Would i be able to MAKE IT VEGETARIAN?

I have effectively made an extremely scrumptious pot of red beans and rice without the smoked wiener. To perceive how it’s done, make a point to visit my formula for Vegan Red Beans and Rice. (It’s naturally vegetarian in light of the fact that the main creature item in the formula is the frankfurter.)

Step by step instructions to FREEZE RED BEANS AND RICE

Likewise with any food, you need to cool your cooked red beans and rice as fast as conceivable in the wake of preparing to stay away from sanitation issues. I suggest separating the red beans and rice into single parts before refrigerating. This will make it chill off quicker, and you’ll as of now have single bits that can be warmed rapidly in the microwave directly from the cooler, or cooler. When the red beans and rice are totally chilled, you can move them to the cooler for long haul stockpiling (around 3 months).

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