Crunchy Chocolate Chip Sultana Cornflake Cookies

My very basic cornflake treats depend on past great cornflake treat formula (says thanks to Women’s Weekly) yet with the expansion of sultanas and chocolate and a couple of little changes.

*Scroll to the formula card at the base of the post for the fixing amounts and full nitty gritty strategy

Our Cornflake Cookies formula fixings are:

  • spread – I suggest utilizing unsalted margarine in this formula
  • caster sugar – otherwise called superfine sugar
  • vanilla concentrate
  • self-raising flour (or make your own utilizing plain flour)
  • milk – I suggest utilizing full fat milk in every single preparing formula (not skim milk)
  • sultanas – can be discarded whenever liked
  • chocolate chips – otherwise called chocolate bits (these can likewise be overlooked whenever liked)
  • cornflakes – I for the most part utilize the Kelloggs brand – yet homebred works similarly also!

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