Easy Okonomiyaki Recipe

At the point when you consider wash room plans, okonomiyaki probably won’t be the principal thing that rings a bell. It surely wasn’t for Jack and me. Throughout the most recent couple of weeks, we cooked our way through an entire slew of bean plans, rice plans, and pasta plans before it occurred to us that we had all that we expected to make this well known Japanese road food directly in our kitchen!

Jack and I previously attempted okonomiyaki out traveling to Japan about ten years back, and we’ve cherished it from that point onward. In case you’re curious about it, it’s kind of a frittata-like Japanese appetizing hotcake made with cabbage, scallions, and arranged meat or fish (Jack frequently considers it a cabbage hashbrown). This custom made adaptation isn’t totally legitimate, however it’s solid, heavenly, thus darn simple to make.

In case you’re searching for a pleasant cooking venture that doesn’t require hours in the kitchen, you need to attempt this okonomiyaki formula!

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