Frijoles Charros Recipe

I believe unfortunately straightforward pinto beans can be changed into such a large number of dishes. The most perfect and least complex pinto beans will be beans from the pot, Frijoles de la Olla. Cook them in lager and include bacon and they become Borracho Beans, or include a couple of additional fixings like chorizo, wiener cuts, ham, chicharrón (pork skins), and it turns into a generous dish called Frijoles Charros.

I generally anticipated family summer picnics growing up on the grounds that somebody was in every case sure to contribute this Northern Mexican dish.

To be completely forthright, I am not a fanatic of such a large number of additional fixings and I needed to share a formula where the beans are the superstar. These frijoles charros are seasoned with smoky bacon, onions, garlic, fire broiled diced tomatoes, and jalapeño cuts.

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