Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake Recipe

This basic cake has a top notch flavor and surface mix because of the new lemon juice and ricotta cheddar. On the off chance that you’ve never had a lemon ricotta cake, than this is the formula for you to attempt.


Lemon ricotta cake is like a customary lemon cake, anyway it isn’t as sweet and has a somewhat denser surface. It’s a customary Italian cake that is regularly served after the supper or with a bit of organic product for breakfast.

Customarily, you’ll discover this cake put away in glass platforms on ledges in Italian kitchens. It’s a social cake that is extraordinary as a bite or with presented with a hot mug of espresso. Besides, it’s a cake that keeps well both at room temperature and in the ice chest. What’s more, on account of the ricotta, it remains wet and rich tasting.

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