Flourless Chocolate Cake with Ganache Topping

Glancing through my chocolate fastener (I know you’re not amazed I have a chocolate cover!), I found a flourless chocolate cake I hadn’t made in years. It was from a 1999 issue of Bon Appetit and had a rich ganache besting. It is genuinely flourless. My mother alluded to this as a tremor cake, harking back to the ’70s.

In view of the expansion of whipped eggs whites, the cake ascends to the highest point of the springform container with a snapped top, at that point the center crumples as it cools. Accordingly, the seismic tremor moniker. At the point when the cake cools to room temperature, it is crushed delicately to even it out, flipped over so the level base turns into the top, and afterward coated. Note that occasionally the smushing procedure makes pieces tumble off the sides, so be cautious and simply fold them back where they have a place. The ganache will conceal most flaws don’t as well fret!

Rather than flour, the eggs give the structure. At the point when blended in with the softened chocolate and spread combo, the outcome is more fudgy than cakey. Collapsing in the whipped egg whites is suggestive of making a souffle, so it’s nothing unexpected that it ascends in the stove, at that point breaks and falls. The photograph beneath delineates why some consider it a seismic tremor cake!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

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This Best Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe is a gluten-free dessert for serious chocolate lovers. It’s made with only 7 ingredients and is a delicious & elegant make-ahead treat for any special occasion!


  • Cake
  • 12 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped

  • ¾ cup butter, cut into pieces

  • 6 large eggs, separated

  • 12 tablespoons sugar, divided

  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • Glaze
  • ½ cup whipping cream

  • ½ cup dark corn syrup

  • 9 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped


  • Preheat oven to 350º. Grease 9 inch springform pan. Line bottom of pan with parchment paper; grease top of parchment. Wrap outside of pan with foil (I did this but not sure why it is necessary!).
  • Microwave butter and chocolate together until melted and smooth, stopping at 30 second intervals to stir. Cool to lukewarm, stirring often.
  • Using electric mixer, beat egg yolks and 6 tablespoons sugar in large bowl until mixture is very thick and pale, about 3 minutes. Fold chocolate into yolk mixture, then stir in vanilla. Using clean dry beaters, beat egg whites in another large bowl until soft peaks form. Gradually add remaining 6 tablespoons sugar, beating until firm peaks form. Carefully fold whites into chocolate mixture in 3 additions. Pour batter into prepared pan.
  • Bake cake until top is puffed and cracked and tester inserted into center comes out with some moist crumbs attached, about 50 minutes. Cool cake in pan on rack…beware,cake will fall.
  • Gently press down crusty top to make evenly thick cake. Using small knife, cut around pan sides to loosen cake. Remove pan sides. Invert cake onto cooling rack. Peel off parchment paper.
  • Make glaze by melting chocolate with cream gently in microwave, stirring at frequent intervals till smooth. Add corn syrup and stir to combine.
  • Place cake on rack set over baking sheet. Spread ½ cup glaze smoothly over top and sides of cake. Freeze for about 3 minutes to set glaze. Pour remaining glaze over cake; smooth sides and top. Place cake on platter. Chill until glaze is firm, about 1 hour. Serve at room temperature.


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