No-Bake German Chocolate Cheesecake

This No-Bake German Chocolate Cheesecake is madly wanton and such a treat! Including a crunchy Oreo treat outside layer, rich chocolate cheesecake filling, and coconut and walnut beating… it’s an absolute work of art! Reward: You can make this as long as 4 days ahead of time!

Summer is directly around the bend! What’s more, that implies soon… there will be days when it’s just too hot to even think about baking! In any case, that doesn’t mean we won’t get our pastry fix! Since I have a lot of no heat plans coming your direction! Beginning with this madly debauched German Chocolate Cheesecake!

This formula was vigorously propelled by my No-Bake German Chocolate Pie and my No-Bake Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake! Those two plans sort of have a faction chasing after these parts (have you made them?!) so I chose to consolidate them to make this No-Bake German Chocolate Cheesecake that is OUT OF THIS WORLD delightful!

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