BLT Egglets Recipe

BLT Egglets 3

These egglets are great because they can be assembled quickly in the morning for a protein packed post-lunch snack!

The Best Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp 3

Apple crisp is the carefree, easy-breezy cousin of apple pie. There’s no dough to chill or roll out, but the end result is just the same

Skinny Champagne Margaritas

Skinny Champagne Margaritas 3

Skinny Champagne Margarita’s combine two classic beverages in one bubbly drink! A light and refreshing margarita is topped with champagne for an easy and fun twist on the classic!

Spring Confetti Bars

Spring Confetti Bars 3

Spring Confetti Bars start with a white chocolate cookie base and are topped with gooey marshmallows, spring-colored M&M’s, pastel sprinkles, and more white chocolate!