Skinny Enchilada Turkey Soup Recipe

Thin Enchilada Turkey Soup is a simple and delightful soup that is made on the burner or Instant Pot! This healthy soup is an incredible method to utilize ground turkey!

This thin turkey enchilada soup is truly just so generous and amazing. It’s ideal for the cool months while being lower-cal, so I don’t need to feel regretful about reveling. Absolutely hits the spot! We additionally love my great Chicken Enchilada Soup, however, I needed something new and energizing, with somewhat of an alternate flavor. I utilize a blend of green enchilada sauce and salsa verde for this soup rather than the typical red enchilada sauce. You will scarcely believe, it doesn’t baffle!

This soup can without much of a stretch be made quickly on the burner, or you can make it in the simmering pot and have it prepared when you return home from work! NOTE: We initially posted this in January 2019, refreshing today to include moment pot guidelines too because of peruser demand! You can discover the burner strategy, slow cooker, and Instant Pot all in the formula card.

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