Sweet Chili Thai Chicken Meal Prep Bowls Recipe

Covering the chicken

I utilize a basic covering of cornstarch and egg to include a smidgen of “breading” to the chicken and give it that conventional pan fried food surface. The video shows breadcrumbs what’s more, which you can include for additional covering yet isn’t important. You can likewise hurl your chicken in egg, at that point in flour before sauteeing.

Which sweet stew sauce to utilize

I simply utilize a no name brand of sweet stew sauce as they are no different – you ought to have the option to discover a jug in the Asian and sautéed food sauces walkway of your neighborhood market. You’ll for the most part additionally locate a major brand name variant, either Frank’s Red Hot or Thai Kitchen nearby different alternatives; any of them will work.

Putting away and warming

You can store these sweet bean stew chicken dishes as long as 5 days in the ice chest. To warm, sprinkle some water overtop with the goal that the chicken doesn’t dry out, at that point microwave for 2-3 minutes. You can likewise leave the garnishes off and add them new subsequent to warming to guarantee an additional piece of crunch, yet that is discretionary.

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