Slow Cooker Cheesy Enchilada Quinoa

Quinoa Enchilada Crockpot tips

  • Use newly ground cheddar. Pre-ground cheddar has a cellulose covering that shields it from dissolving as pleasantly. While it very well may be utilized in this formula, it will get somewhat oily and won’t liquefy as easily.
  • Cook on high. Tragically, this formula doesn’t cook well on low temperatures; the quinoa retains fluid too gradually and cooks unevenly.
  • Use fire-cooked diced tomatoes for more flavor.
  • Don’t overlook the garnishes. They include so much flavor and surface to this dish. Utilize whatever you like on enchiladas; our preferred fixings for this dish are ready cut avocados, new cilantro, new lime, and new cherry tomatoes. Different alternatives: acrid cream, extra cheddar, pico de gallo, guacamole, daintily cut radishes, green onions, and so on.
  • Crockpot® is a particular brand of moderate cooker. You can utilize any sort of moderate cooker you like.

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